Pampered Paws - Professional Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming, Baths, Brush Outs, Nail Trims.

I have experience dealing with senior dogs and dogs with special needs. If your dog has health conditions or arthritis we offer the most gentle grooming experience possible. All grooms vary in length because we allow your dog to take breaks as needed, we will also hand dry or allow dogs to air dry if they are afraid of dryers.

We also cater to puppies experiencing their first groom. We are gentle and patient and teach them that grooming can be fun and rewarding.

We truly love dogs and want them to have the best experience possible.

Everyone has a different image in their head of how they'd like their dog to look.
Feel free to bring photos so I can better understand how you'd like the finished product to look.

Our facility is cage free, all grooming dogs are allowed to roam free within 2 separate areas & they have access to 2 separate secure yards. 
Dogs are placed together based on size, personality, and temperament. 

Don't want your don't in a social environment? 
I do have separate pens for those dogs who are timid, aggressive, or just don't like other dogs. They are still provided the same amenities as the other dogs just in a smaller more comfortable area.

We rotate through grooming clients, in an attempt to get everyone out in a timely manner. Sometimes grooms are more difficult than anticipated and take longer than normal. 

We will call you as soon as your dog is finished for pickup. 

Please Do Not show up prior to being called. 
If your dog is on the table, and you walk in, they generally get overly excited and cannot be worked on. 
They will be placed back in the pen for a minimum of 30 minutes to calm down before being finished. 

Feel free to call and check on their status as needed. 

If you need your dog done by or at a certain time, please let us know at drop off so we can accommodate your schedule :) 

All dogs must be spayed/neutered (over 6 months), current on all vaccines. For the safety of all our dogs, proof of vaccination from your veterinarian is required so please come prepared.

Pampered Paws is not liable for any illness that may be acquired by unvaccinated dogs left in our facility.  Leaving an unvaccinated dog is at your own risk. 

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